Crypto Viever

Crypto Viever allows you to keep track of the value of all your crypto currencies in one place.

Features & Details

All in one wallet viewer.

Manual add

Add the amount you have of your coins, around 1700 supported and growing

Multiple currencies

See you wallet in EUR, GBP, BTC, GBP, BRL, RUB and growing


See a full profile of your coin, including history, Twitter, Facebook and so on.


See the latest news about cryptocurrencies


See how your coing is performing

Portfolio overview

See how is your portfolio formed

API support

Connect Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Gdax, Coinbase, Livecoin, Kucoin, Cryptopia, Exmo and many others

Download & get started today!

About me

I am a team of one person...

Stefano Solinas

App Designer

Stefano Solinas

React Native Developer

Stefano Solinas


Crypto Viewer

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