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Stefano Solinas

About Me

Coming from a small town in Sardinia where you can either stare at trees or chase cats, and considering the latter made him fall on a wooden pole and almost die when he was 8. At the age of 18, Stefano Solinas moved to Pisa to check that the leaning tower was still standing up. This is where he met an Indian shaman that gave him the name obsidian (transformed to obsidianart for SEO).

After 10 years in Pisa working as a developer, designer, video editor and trainer, Stefano felt the call of a bigger city and took a plane to London. He's currently a JavaScript developer, spare time designer, and forum fairy when in a good mood. Google him for more...
(This CV has a 3 page hard limit, check Linkedin if you want more history)

Software Skills

Stefano Solinas: Comptia CTT+
Stefano Solinas: Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop CS4
Stefano Solinas: Professional Scrum Master I
Stefano Solinas: ECDL Core Examiner


  • React/Redux Superior knowledge
  • Angular.js 1.x Superior knowledge
  • JS / ES6 High knowledge
  • Node.js / Express High knowledge
  • MongoDB Superior knowledge
  • TDD/BDD Medium knowledge
  • Grunt/Gulp Superior knowledge
  • CoffeeScript High knowledge
  • Backbone.js Medium knowledge
  • Postgres/MySQL Medium knowledge


  • HTML5 Superior knowledge
  • SASS / CSS3High knowledge
  • Agile Superior knowledge
  • jQuery High knowledge
  • Balsamiq Superior knowledge
  • NLP Superior knowledge
  • i18n, l10n High knowledge
  • Webmaster Tools Medium to Superior knowledge
  • Google Analytics Medium knowledge
  • WordPress Medium knowledge


  • Photoshop Superior knowledge
  • Flash AS2/AS3 Superior knowledge
  • Sketch Superior knowledge
  • Illustrator High knowledge
  • Dreamweaver High knowledge
  • Premiere High knowledge
  • After Effect Medium knowledge
  • Acrobat Medium knowledge
  • Indesign Medium knowledge
  • Superior Superior knowledge
  • High High knowledge
  • Medium Medium knowledge

Research (2014 - Trading game)

  • MongoDB for users and market history
  • Express.js to serve the app and manage authentication
  • Angular.js for the game
  • Node.js for backend and landing pages
  • sockJS (web socket) for quick price updates and user interactions

Studies & Certs

Computer Science Engineering

University of Pisa
14 out of 16 Exams made

High School Diploma

School Name: Liceo Classico D.A. Azuni
Classical Studies. Graduated: July 2002

NLP Foundation Diploma

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "A model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences underlying them. - Richard Bandler


Internet History, Technology, and Security

Comptia CT++

Professional Scrum Master


Beamly, part of Coty (London - Covent Garden)
Jan 2017 - current

Team leader and Senior JS dev

Hired as part of the Beamly restructuring process after Coty acquisition, I lead the first "delivery team" in the company. My main focus is to ensure that the websites they agreed to deliver are high quality, automated tested and delivered in time while taking care that everyone in the team is happy and works at their best.

Yoti (London - Trafalgar Square)
Aug 2015 - current

Fullstack developer / Angular / React / Express / SASS

As JS team, we manage all the projects with an interface around the Yoti platform: main website and blog, users and customers administration website , internal administration and monitor, clients' demos and libraries for external developers. We also write most of the unit and e2e tests, continuos integration scripts, deployment scripts, etc. ES6 Node.js, Mongoose, Passport, MongoDB, PostgreSQL - Angular, React.js - Selenium, Protractor, Mocha, Chai
I also took most of the photos on website and newsletters :)

Bodog (London - Oxford Circus)
Aug 2014 - Aug 2015

Angular.js developer (CoffeeScript)

My key responsibilities were to write and maintain the frontend application. The company works using BDD/TDD (strictly), code reviews and an Agile workflow (SCRUM). The app is developed in CoffeeScript, SASS and HTML5.

LocalWorld (London - High Street Kensington)
Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

Head of User Interface / Angular.js Dev

I joined local world as Head of UI in January. My key responsibilities were to hire a new team and organize the workflow for the London office while developing a new internal publishing platform based on Angular.js. I was also responsible for implementing TDD and an Agile workflow. Local World decided in June to outsource the development, my duty was to facilitate the transition.

Gamesys (London - Piccadilly Circus)
Sept 2012 - Jan 2014

Backbone.js Developer / Frontend developer

Working as a Backbone.js expert for Hotshot Trader (HST). HST is a new game, released in October 2012 for Facebook and mid-2013 on a standalone website. HST allow players to demonstrate their abilities on the Stock market playing tournaments with virtual money. To get a sneak peek of this project check the conference about i18n at the bottom.

FullSignal LTD (London - Silicon Roundabout)
Oct 2011 - Sept 2012

Motorola (Hardware Company)

  • Adv web-app: JS, HTML5, CSS 3, offline storage

Brandsapplied (Advertisment Agency)

  • Main company website: HTML5, CSS 2.1, PHP


  • Flash banners for the new Angry Birds Space: Flash, AS3, Mediamind tracking system

Lebara Mobile (Mobile company)

  • Ringtone generator (14 languages): Flash AS3, CodeIgniter, XHTML4.1

Allianz (Insurance Company)

  • WordPress website for the Investors Blog: HTML5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery

3logic M.K. (Italy - Pisa)

So.lo. ICT (Italy - Pisa)


Self-Created & Self-Organized

Memorization Tecniques & NLP

  • Trainer, Course Organizer, Course Manual Creator

Digital Photography

  • Trainer, Course Organizer, Course Materials Creator

The Knowledge Academy - 2016

MEAN stack for Java developer (2 times)

  • Course creation & Teaching
  • 2 weeks intensive course

Tavola della Pace e della Cooperazione (Peace and Cooperation NGO) - 2008-2011

Junior High & High School Media Education

  • Course Co-creation & Teaching

Formatica s.r.l. (Training agency) - 2009-2011

Web Design Courses

  • Course Creation & Teaching:
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash

Web Development Courses

  • Course Creation & Teaching:
  • HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Dreamweaver


Evil Design - Brown bag

  • User interfaces design to trick people