About me

Coming from a small town in Sardinia where you can either stare at trees or chase cats, and considering the latter made him fall on a wood pole and almost die when he was 8 and made to survive to 18, Stefano Solinas moved to Pisa to check that the leaning tower was still up. This is where he met an Indian shaman that gave him the name Obsidian (transformed to Obsidianart for SEO). After 10 years in Pisa working as developer, designer, video editor and trainer, Stefano felt the call of a bigger city and took a plane to London. He’s currently a JavaScript developer, spare time designer, and forum fairy when in a good mood. Ask him for more…

You could find me on DeviantArt, Couchsurfing, Hospitality Club, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

My blogs (in Italian): Personal blog, Blog about religion, Blog about London

If you are looking for my CV you can find it here