Over the years I’ve developed various projects in my free time.
Some are just experiments or proof of concepts, others are professional products.

Panda Tiles

Panda Tiles is a simple puzzle game.
Place one panda in every row, in every column and in every color.
Once you are good at that, move to the harder levels and you are going to place 2 pandas instead!
Too easy? Well, you can have a look at my other games, they aren’t simple at all ūüėÄ


Look at the picture and find the solution!
Imagzle is a difficult and fun game based on images. It’s going to seriously test you on your cultural background, as well as social, logical and problem solving skills, turning you into a real encyclopedia of miscellaneous facts.

Crypto Viewer - Realtime crypto tracker

CryptoViewer is a mobile React app allowing you to track your investment on over 50 different exchanges by automatically importing data using secure API.

The project also include a node server, a news aggregator, a real time price feed and much much more. It currently has more than 90k installs between Android and IOs and over 15k active users.

Meet4tea - Socializing website

Note: the website is down since GDPR came along.

Meet4Tea¬†was a social platform with London as a specific target in mind: after a study of the current market it seems there’s no free website with the same characteristic. The website is also an opportunity¬†to study an experiment.

The Frontend is built using Angular.js and¬†SASS¬†Bootstrap. It communicates to the backend over authenticated restful API (I’ll let you decide if authentication and restful can go together). The frontend¬†tasks are automated using Grunt, the source control is GIT.

The system is tested e2e using Protractror, Webdriver.io and CucumberJs. The test can run either in development or in production to ensure everything is working after a deploy.

Nginx has been configured to serve static files, scale images and proxy the requests in production, while for the development environment we use either a Vagrant machine replicating production or a Node reverse proxy to connect to each other when developing together.

The landing page is¬†tailored for loading speed and optimized for speed with the help of¬†T√ľnde Sz√≠rak¬†and has the maximum score on the google speed test.

The server side is in Java using MongoDB, and built by  Ruben Martinez.

Fun Fact: Meet4Tea was originally designed in 2011 with Cesare Naldi, a fellow Italian,as Meet4Coffee but when I started working on it the name was already taken by a Tinder-like app.

Drugtrade - Simulated trading platform

Drugtrade is a simulated stock market build using the MEAN stack. After a first version of the game called Pizza clicker and based on Firebase I decide to focus on Node.js and Mongo and build a more scalable solution for this kind of game.

The main complexity of the system resides in the serverside, I will write an article in the future about the price algorithms.

Design of the landing page and the application is from Roberto Loriga.

Social poetry - Shared composition

Social poetry is a proof of concept realized using Angular.js and Firebase together. The final idea is to project the words on a building in London and allow people to compose in real time while connected with their phone.

The original UX and Architecture was sketched in 2012 with Quirino Britzi using a Java backend.

Funny Weather - forecast app

Funny weather is a teaching exercise using jQuery, jQuery plugins, a public JSON endpoint for weather forecast and HTML5 localization api. The original design was made using Photoshop.

CSS and HTML from¬†T√ľnde Sz√≠rak.

psd2mail - Photoshop to email converter

After many years of experience producing newsletters for various clients I decided to build a tool to easily convert photoshop designs to production ready code.

The tool is not suitable for big companies as it doesn’t adhere to every aspect of the anti-spam policy (it uses an incorrect image/text ratio) but it has a niche¬†of happy users (local singers, small estate agencies, etc).

There’s no known bugs and I keep receiving help requests from time to time.

The tool is built in vanilla Javascript, the code is optimized and obfuscated using a PHP script.

Designed in Photoshop, CSS in LESS.