Here are some of the projects I was involved through my company ObsidianWeb LTD or directly on over the last few years.
For a complete list please refer to LinkedIn or my CV


Working on a project that has not been released yet, can’t disclose for now


Hired to implement graphQL on both the server and React Native and bring a static app to life.
My main job was to interface the graphQL resolvers with all the other REST services and tointerface the app with the new data format.
The job also required a good understanding of the Ethereum blockchain.

Beamly - Beauty website

I worked in Beamly for a year and I handled 3 main projects: Escada parfumes, Cover Girl, Rimmel. Each website was delivered in multiple languages and had a team across (at least) 2 countries. I was responsible for handling the team, the code review, the project, the timeline, the deliveries, the product catalog, the translation process, etc etc.

Yoti - Fullstack developer

My team manage all the projects around the Yoti platform: main website and blog, monitor systems, clients’ demos, user’s private area and libraries for external developers. ES6 Node.js, Mongoose, Passport, MongoDB, PostgreSQL – Angular, React.js – Selenium, Protractor, Mocha, Chai

Bovada/bodog live sports betting

Bodog - Sports betting

I worked on various parts of the Bodog website for almost a year.

All the frontend and testing code is written using CoffeScript.

Angular.js is used for the Frontend: after the success of the London team on the horse racing section the business decided to migrate other parts of the website (e.g. live sports betting) to Angular.js, the original code was modularized to minimize loading time and reduce complexity of testing and development.

The project followed a full TDD approach (write a test, write the minimal code to pass the test and refactor).
Not a single line of code was allowed if not tested either on e2e (Cucumber and Protractror) or unit/function (Jasmine and Mocha).

The project followed Agile with planning, 2 weeks sprints, retrospective and business demonstrations. Tasks were tracked using both a physical board and Jira.

LocalWorld - Local newspaper platform

LocalWorld is a local media business that brings together Northcliffe Media and Iliffe News and Media.

LocalWorld has a portfolio of market leading print and digital brands.The local portal websites have a monthly audience of more than 14 million unique users.

I joined LocalWorld as Head of UI. My key responsibilities were to hire a new frontend team and organize the workflow for the London office (fixing bugs, implementing the new map based directory search system)  while developing a new internal publishing platform based on Angular.js. I was also responsible for implementing TDD and an Agile workflow.

HotShotTrader - Trading Platform

HotShotTrader was an ambitious trading stock game made by a “small” but strong team inside Gamesys.

I joined at the beginning of the website version (which followed the Facebook version). The application was built using Backbone.js and unit/function tested using Mocha/Sinon/Chai.

Among my achievements on the application: researched and implemented a translation of the application for 19 different languages, optimized the originally huge CSS, implemented a new loading system and built the tutorial and the HiLo interface (Binary betting).

I also built 2 WordPress themes for the associated blog and the landing page.

The project was taken offline in 2014.